Health and Safety


Pima County Health Department monitors student vaccinations and exemption forms.  Preschools are required to check student files throughout the year. Please remember to bring updated copies of your child's immunizations to the preschool office.  Parents are responsible for keeping the information in their child's file current.  Exemption forms are available online and in the preschool office.  Please bring 4 copies of your child's current immunization form to your pre-conference.


For minor injuries staff members will help the child wash the area with soap and water and apply ice and/or a bandage.  An Ouch Report will be sent home with the child that day.  For more serious incidents, an Incident Report will be completed and filed in the Incident Binder in the preschool office.  A copy of the Incident Report is available upon request. Staff will make contact with parents for any head injuries.

All staff hold current CPR and First Aid certifications. 

Medication Policy

When a child needs medication during school hours, it will be administered by school personnel. Prescription and non-prescription medication must be labeled with your child’s full name, all other pertinent information, and in the original container. Nonprescription medication must be age appropriate or a doctor's note will be needed. Parents will give medications to the office staff and fill out a Medication Consent Form in the preschool office.  Any expired or unused portion will be returned to the parents.


Healthy eating is considered to be an important part of the curriculum at the International School for Peace. Please provide a snack each day in your child's lunch box. You may choose to label the foods you wish for your child to eat for snack. Morning snack time is 10am, and afternoon snack is at 3:30pm. Students attending all day will need to bring 2 snacks in their lunch boxes. Lunches and water bottles (labeled with the child's name) are provided by parents and are stored in bins in the classroom. Parents should pack a cold pack in their child’s lunch box to keep food cool. We encourage families to provide nutritious choices for snacks and lunch.   The language-rich process of hand-washing, eating meals, and cleaning up after creates wonderful learning opportunities for our young children.

Arrivals and Departures

Parents and guardians must sign their children in and out every day on the forms provided. Arizona State Licensing requires a full signature.  Photo identification will be required from anyone who is new to picking up the child or who the staff member on duty does not recognize. Please advise others who will be picking up your child to bring a valid driver’s license or photo identification with them. All class sign in/out notebooks will be centrally located between the preschool office and room 10 by the parent information board.  

All ISP staff, families and guests will enter the preschool through the main gate. Two other gates will remain open and serve as exists for emergencies. Families dropping students off after 9:15 will go to the office first to sign in before proceeding to the classroom. Students will need to be signed in as well in their class binder.  ISP  will dismiss the full day students as a group at 2:30 daily. If a parent or approved adult needs to pick up their child prior to dismissal, he or she will go to the office to sign in before proceeding to the classroom.  Students will need to be signed out as well in their class binder. 

Sun Safety Policy

Whenever possible, the availability of shade will be considered when planning outdoor activities particularly between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Families will be strongly encouraged to provide hats and sunglasses. Light weight long-sleeved shirts and full length pants are encouraged when the temperatures are reasonable. We encourage that sunscreen is applied at or before drop off. With written parent permission, staff will apply sunscreen SPF 30 or greater to exposed skin (15 minutes before going outside). ISP will supply sunscreen. Families have the option of supplying their own sunscreen for their child. Please be sure to label container with child's name.Staff will be encouraged to practice sun safety strategies to serve as a good role model for children.

Oral Health Practices

We encourage healthy dental hygiene through the use of songs, stories, books and materials. Lesson plans are posted in each homeroom classroom

Empower Program

International School for Peace is a registered Empower facility. We pledge to encourage healthy nutrition, promote oral health practices and sun safety, increase physical activity and support families to prevent exposure to tobacco and second hand smoke.

Physical Activity

Teachers encourage physical activities as part of their curriculum by scheduling at least 60 minutes of planned gross motor activity (which can be broken up in shorter time periods) per day. Teacher led activities may include obstacle courses, jogging, games, and cycling. A separate lesson plan entitled “Empower Physical Activities” is posted in each homeroom.

Smoke Free Campus

International School for Peace is a smoke-free facility. No smoking is permitted on our campus. We offer families information on dangers of second - and third- hand smoke and contact information for the Arizona’s Smoker’s Helpline

Transportation & Field Trips

International School for Peace does not provide transportation.  Field trip excursions like nature walks, visiting the Library for Peace, or learning fire safety from the Rural/Metro Firefighters are done on campus.  Field trip permission forms are required for licensing, and parents sign them in their child's classroom.   


We look forward to siblings and family participation on campus!  All visitors check in/out at the preschool office and wear a badge while on campus. Please arrange classroom participation in advance with your child’s teacher.  Due to liability requirements, children who are not enrolled must be supervised by parents or secured in a stroller or backpack carrier.

Inspection Reports

International School for Peace is licensed by Arizona Department of Health Services.  Yearly inspection records may be reviewed on our office or at:  Arizona Department of Health Services, Office of Child Care Licensing, 400 W. Congress, Suite 100, Tucson, Arizona, 85701, 520-628-6540.

At the current time International School for Peace does not use pestasides on our campus.

Safety and Security

Your child’s safety is our constant concern.  Our classroom doors are locked from 7:30-5:30 during school hours.  Staff is equipped with walkie-talkies for easy on-campus communication and keeps an emergency bag with supplies with them at all times.  We conduct regular fire drills, and prepare for emergency evacuations and lock downs throughout the year.  Rooms are equipped with emergency equipment, and staff members are trained to effectively prepare for safety, efficiency, and communication in the event of an emergency.  Sites have been established both on and off campus to meet emergency evacuation and lock down situations.  

Staff has emergency contact information for children in their care with them at all times.  Emergency contacts listed by parents on the blue card are people the preschool office can call in the event we are unable to reach a parent.  People listed by parents on the Student Release Authorization form are contacted by parents to pick up their child.  As family constellations change, new cell phone numbers are acquired, or people move, it is important to keep your child's file updated.

Preschool Director and a designated staff member will be trained in crisis response. Director will consult with a professional security company yearly on recommended safety improvements.

There is always a director or director designee on campus.  In addition, during the director's absence, a second staff member not assigned to classroom duties will oversee campus safety. During  Aftercare hours, staff will carry a walkie-talkie channeled to communicate directly with a St. Francis staff member should a safety concern arise.


We greatly appreciate the respect you show for all of us by keeping your sick children at home. Please call the school if your child will be out due to illness (or any other reason) as we are required to document illnesses.  According to State of Arizona regulations, a child with any of the following symptoms should not be at school:  

*  A fresh cold or persistent cough

*  Red Throat

*  Temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher

*  Runny nose / yellow or green discharge

*  Vomiting

*  Infected eye

*  Contagious or questionable rashes

*  Diarrhea

*  Any communicable disease or infection 


If your child contracts a communicable disease, please notify the school at once.  A doctor’s note stating that the child is no longer contagious may be necessary before returning to school. If a health concern arises, a school wide wellness check may be conducted. If your child develops any of the above symptoms while at school, s/he will be separated from the other children. Parents will be notified to pick up the child without delay.  Please have back-up arrangements to ensure that sick children can be picked up from school immediately or kept home.  

Children may return to school when:

Fever has been absent for 24 consecutive hours Vomiting and/or diarrhea has been absent for 24 consecutive hours Absence of yellow or green nasal discharge Twenty-four hours after beginning medication for strep throat, conjunctivitis (pink eye), etc. One week after the onset of chicken pox or when all lesions are crusted.

Campus Supervision

Before children are signed in, or after children are signed out, supervision is the responsibility of the caretaker.  Please do not enter a locked area or use equipment that is stored away.  If equipment is available, please use it respectfully and return it the area where it was originally found.

Insurance Coverage

International School for Peace carries required liability insurance coverage pursuant to A.A.C.R. 9-5-302.

Fire Safety

International School for Peace consistently passes fire safety inspections.